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At last legendary early 80’s underground phenomenon '82 Crowd Of People have available previously thought lost, recordings transferred from Grundig cassette tapes found in frontman Cedric’s mum’s loft several years ago. This discovery opened up a time capsule of early 80’s audio adventures from one of the bands that were always on the fringes of making it and who were often championed by their contemporaries at the time, largely due to their unorthodox live shows which often descended into pandemonium. The Recordings here date from early 1982 through to late 1988, the period which most who knew the band at the time would agree was the time when they were a local force to be reckoned with.


Despite their lack of success outside of the Manchester area at the time (a time before the internet); apart from the occasional John Peel Show play, and their subsequent tragic early demo tapes the group hit recording gold before they lost their momentum. Upon their return from a bizarre self imposed exile in of all places, Wyoming, all but one band member, Dierdre, sadly passed away during the nineties – yet '82 Crowd Of People’s sonic bullets undoubtedly stand the test of time.


Legend has it that they came close to joining the Factory Records stable in late '84 and that Tony Wilson was more recently close to releasing these tapes himself on his own Hit The Pause imprint, once he heard of their discovery, such was his dismay in his latter years at the unadventurous crop of UK bands. There’s certainly no denying '82 Crowd Of People's drive, enthusiasm and ability to test the metal of audio tape and condenser mics. It’s our pleasure to bring these nuggets to you, at last, in all their analogue glory.


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