The SUFIS album 'The Sufis' from Nashville

The SUFIS album 'The Sufis' from Nashville View larger

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So good we had to get a CD manufactured for this, as well as the Vinyl format. The album is a winner & with Calvin Laporte at the controls it can't fail to be so.




"If your band that release a record on the label Ample Play - then these conditions imply high alert. And these days it's that time again, because The Sufis take their self-titled debut on the market and move to the new songs by psych-garage-rock and roll music including baroque and mix sounds as well as all sorts of fun gadgets, echoing choirs and of course an inner feeling that you could probably live permanently in 70 years in the intoxication of drugs. Take the track 'Sri Sai Flora' and you will quickly realize these spiritual moments.

The Sufis from Nashville, are local sound engineers and extremely adventurous. Memorable original songs run through the new disk, old analog recording equipment and effects, the musicianship shines on the album all with attention to detail. The Sufis sometimes remind me of Clinic (Domino) from Liverpool, but the wacky twists within the plate are really not comparable to similar artists. 'Lemming Circle Dance' staggers into the first few minutes of weightlessness through perfect darkness, until suddenly and completely unprepared, instruments start playing. Just as if you were awakened from a centuries-old sleep."



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First classic album by The SUFIS - as endorsed by Rolling Stone's David Fricke - factory sealed & with a green tint.

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