Masaki Hanakata 'Bremen Soundtrack' Download Album

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Masaki walked straight back into our ample play offices with an instrumental album that depicted our own shores.  We loved it, and he caught the breeze back to Japan.  Oureselves, we appreciate he gave these shores back something of which they have long lost.

Handcrafted, each short track is like a miniature painting, taking you between dale and down stream with a bird’s eye view of what agricultural implements can be turned into instruments. These earth tones result in the best Cumbrian folk music ever made, and it happens to be by a shy multi-instrumentalist from South Japan.

Raise your jugs please, in the mode of the olde tradition, for tomorrow we work the fields.


Side A  1. Donkey's Fanfare 2. Quiet Dog 3. Cat Command

Side B  4. Niwatori   5. Thief's Thema 6. Strategy   7. Bansan

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