The Smoking Trees album 'TST' Vinyl

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4/5 Record Collector          5/5 Shindig Magazine        4/5 Mojo Magazine

There are immediate tracks like Victoria's Garden, She Takes Flight With MeIt's Only Natural and Best Friend, then you start waking up with fragements of the other tracks in your head, as if they are beamed-in by alien intervention, and it becomes a takeover.  This album flips the lid on album creating, so much so that they have already gained offers of work from Soko to MGMT and a former Beatle.

LP Tracklisting:

Side A  1. Good Morning – 2. Home In The Morning – 3. Best Friend – 4. Trips – 5. It’s Only Natural – 6. Awake In Your Dreams

Side B  7. She Takes Flight With Me – 8. Island Of Adventure – 9. Rose Flower Lilac – 10. California Air – 11. Victoria’s Garden – 12. Through Your Reflection



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It's new, it's wonderful, and we think it will be easily Top 5 best albums of 2015.  We do not normally be so bold, but having tested this album out on all terrains from dog walking to nights out at the pschedelic shack, we have come to a modest conclusion that it is a most complete listening sensation.  Excellent quality vinyl, plus free MP3 code. Release date: 10th July 2015.

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