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Masaki Hanakata releases a new mini album ‘Bremen Soundtrack’ on Ample Play.

Masaki Hanakata Bremen Soundtrack sleeve art.

Masaki Hanakata

The best Cumbrian folk music ever made.

Masaki returns to the ample play records village with an instrumental album in hand, inspired by the animal characters of the Grimms tale ‘The Musicians of Bremen’. Bremen Soundtrack is playing in a village hall near you from 14th of July.

Handcrafted, each short track is like a miniature painting, taking you between dale and down stream with a bird’s eye view of what agricultural implements can be turned into instruments. These earth tones result in the best Cumbrian folk music ever made, and it happens to be by a shy multi-instrumentalist from South Japan.

Raise your jugs please, in the mode of the olde tradition, for tomorrow we work the fields.


Side A  1. Donkey’s Fanfare 2. Quiet Dog 3. Cat Command

Side B  4. Niwatori   5. Thief’s Thema 6. Strategy   7. Bansan

Please check his first album on Ample Play Lentment here. More info about Masaki here.



Masaki Hanakata

Masaki Hanakata is a Japanese folk musician and composer, multi-instrumentalist working with Ample Play Records. Masaki lives in Kochi, the main city of the Shikoku Island south of Japan, but he is a talent that is far from isolated, working with big bands and orchestras to turn his composed creations into musical magic.

He plays guitar, piano, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, glockenspiel, sitar, xylophone, and many more, hence the mixture of Prokofiev and the wide array of 70’s French Children’s Records.

His influences: The Beatles, Todd Harry Rundgren, living and breathing.

He has released two albums with Ample Play: Lentment and Bremen Soundtrack.