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Ample Play Records present: The Soap Opera and their new album ‘Ready to Hatch’

AMPLE PLAY RECORDS present hailing from France THE SOAP OPERA and their album ‘Ready to Hatch’ out 10th Nov 2017.



CAT no: AMP119DD / AMP119V – a co-release with Howlin Banana, Paris, available digitally and on vinyl.

Ample Play would like to introduce The Soap Opera. Always the different kids of Western France, comprising of members of Sudden Death of Stars and the Spadassins, they consist of a cape crusading poet, a secondhand bookseller, a bespectacled engineer and a level-headed drummer.

The result is great indie pop reminiscent of Arthur Lee‘s Love of the 1960s and the C86 sound of the 80s, with touches of the Brazilian Tropical in places.

The band have known each other as friends for years, hanging out at the same gigs for years and dealing with each other’s eccentricities. This album is like listening to a young Orange Juice, quaint, poetic, slightly sad, yet moving forward and uplifting. Here is a group who aren’t afraid to make hip shaking pop songs either.

Debut UK gigs : The Windmill Brixton 2/11/2017 I The Palace Hastings 3/11/2017

Video directed & filmed by Phil Miller.


Masaki Hanakata releases a new mini album ‘Bremen Soundtrack’ on Ample Play.

Masaki Hanakata Bremen Soundtrack sleeve art.

Masaki Hanakata

The best Cumbrian folk music ever made.

Masaki returns to the ample play records village with an instrumental album in hand, inspired by the animal characters of the Grimms tale ‘The Musicians of Bremen’. Bremen Soundtrack is playing in a village hall near you from 14th of July.

Handcrafted, each short track is like a miniature painting, taking you between dale and down stream with a bird’s eye view of what agricultural implements can be turned into instruments. These earth tones result in the best Cumbrian folk music ever made, and it happens to be by a shy multi-instrumentalist from South Japan.

Raise your jugs please, in the mode of the olde tradition, for tomorrow we work the fields.


Side A  1. Donkey’s Fanfare 2. Quiet Dog 3. Cat Command

Side B  4. Niwatori   5. Thief’s Thema 6. Strategy   7. Bansan

Please check his first album on Ample Play Lentment here. More info about Masaki here.



Summer’s Up – Ample Play Summer Playlist Summertime

Summertime Spotify Playlist. Music Playlist.

Masaki Hanakata

Masaki Hanakata is a Japanese folk musician and composer, multi-instrumentalist working with Ample Play Records. Masaki lives in Kochi, the main city of the Shikoku Island south of Japan, but he is a talent that is far from isolated, working with big bands and orchestras to turn his composed creations into musical magic.

He plays guitar, piano, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, glockenspiel, sitar, xylophone, and many more, hence the mixture of Prokofiev and the wide array of 70’s French Children’s Records.

His influences: The Beatles, Todd Harry Rundgren, living and breathing.

He has released two albums with Ample Play: Lentment and Bremen Soundtrack.

Yokan System

After two singles with Ample Play and some European live dates earlier this year, Yokan System announce the release of their debut album entitled ‘Whispering‘.

“Two of the finest indie talents in Tokyo right now” Clear & Refreshing Website, Tokyo

“They sound so gloriously quirky and effervescent that you just simply can’t help falling in love with them” Little Indie Blog

Release date: 16/10/2015


Mai and Tsukasa are Yokan System.  The Tokyo-based duo have released 2 singles on Ample Play, becoming slowly known through BBC 6music plays & blog interest.

Last winter they got a rapturous response to their small tour of England, Holland and France and are now ready for an October release of their debut album. Set the dial to Cocteau Twins, Crystal Castles, early Human League.  Don’t let the laid-back title ‘Whispering’ guide you – this is supermall music for earth people settling on Jupiter.

Tracklisting: 1. Kyo Kyo Ra  2. Whispering  3. A Dream You Never Wake Up From  4. Klee  5. Sympathy Doll  6. Ipanema  7. Tear Crystal  8. Yokan Teresa  9. Yapa  10. Duplicate Key  11. Melt Away  12. Tete  13. Sea Moon


Photo by Richard Gray.


Bed Rugs Band

Bed Rugs @ Old Blue Last 060314

4 young Belgians filed in the same catalogue as Tame Impala, Deerhunter, The Paperhead and The Sufis.

Bed Rugs: take their name from the much discussed mat in The Big Lebowski.  After the highly praised release of last year’s mini-LP ‘Rapids’, we are pleased to go backwards and present ‘8th Cloud’, their 1st ever recording album, showing that even then they punched well above their weight.  The double A single ‘Purple Pill’ & ‘Dream On’ comes out on vinyl as a 7″ on Record Store Day 2014.

James Endeacott who has seen them a good few times describes them as ‘off the scale’.

Their spectacular London shows were the London shows were the best antidote to anti-European feelings we have seen for a long time. They’re playing Liverpool Psych Fest this September.

“Young Belgian four-piece Bed Rugs offer a delightful album of melodic vocal psych pop with Rapids, served & weaving in the psych references without overdoing it” Record Collector 4/5

“The guitars are a slovenly mess, emanating the contented apathy of just laying in the sun, flipping between gravelly distorted threads and jangly banjo-esque chords” The 405 7/10



Buy 8th Cloud CDMP3s

Playing live at the Liverpool Psych Festival 27 September 2014.




The Smoking Trees

Hip-hop producer and multi-instrumentalist Martin Nunez aka Sir Psych is an avid record collector.He turned in his Akai MPC to convert to the toolkit of old studio psychedelia.

Together with LA AL, a musician from the hip-hop and punk California scene, he created The Smoking Trees, making sunshiny psych and garage. ‘Acetates‘ is their respected debut album.

“The 21 tracks here emcompass folk, psych, sitars, backwards guitar solos, hip hop…weird and brilliantly so.”

“Acetates is a total winner, some of the sweetest pop tunes I’ve heard for ages.”
The Active Listener blog

Buy the album ‘Acetates’

Beat Mark

Beat Mark are one of a few French bands to strike with the noisy pop spirit of contemporary U.S. music (from MGMT to Crystal Stilts) who don’t hide their mid-80s to mid-90s English influences. Their sound has been described as nuggets of The Vaselines, and The Television Personalities with a few drops of The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Stone Roses and Primal Scream.

Some have even evoked My Bloody Valentine. Whatever, the mix, the 2 boys and 2 girls of Beat Mark from Paris have created a full-length album that has a raw and instantly refreshing new sound. Who would have thought the French could be so chic hot. We eleased their debut album ‘Howls of Joy’ in the UK and US to critical acclaim in February 2013.

‘Sexy & dirty, melodic & gloriously messy at the same time’ Les Inrocks

‘I’ve listened to the album so many times this week I love it’ Tom Ravenscroft BBC 6 Music

‘Great record, sounds like they should be from California’ Steve Lamacq, BBC 6 Music

‘Beat Mark are a new French band who offer up a wonderful slice of scrappy, catchy pop on their debut album, making a tuneful racket that blends garage-grown organ fuzz and drum stomp with a jangle-heavy wall-of-guitar sound and lovely male/female vocal harmonies.’ Other Music NYC

“On first impressions, Howls of Joy is a charmingly scruffy, slightly shambolic record, but with repeated listens, the subtle song craft shines through” Record Collector

“Joyous debut album from Parisian Creationists” 7/10 Uncut

“this album a vital addition to anyone’s noise-pop collection.”

‘Saturated garage guitar pop, lo-fi psychedelism sung in English…it’s simple, it’s beautiful, it’s dignified & sober’ Rock & Folk Magazine

Buy the album I vinyl I CD I mp3


5 July Doghouse, Halifax

6 July Kraakspace, Manchester

7 July Hairy Dog, Derby

8 July Old Hairdresser’s, Glasgow

9 July Marc Riley Session, BBC 6 Music

10 July Buffalo Bar, London with the Lucid Dream

11 July Undertone, Cardiff

12 July The Macbeth, Hoxton, London

13 July East End Live Festival London

14 July The Hope, Brighton


Welcome to Ample Play

As most small labels strum to the whip of major labels, come and join us for an independent take on music, music, music.

Latest News:

An AMPLE PLAY RECORDS double A bill: 2 of the best psych bands from the continent, one of the best double bill you will see all year & the perfect antidote for these anti-European feelings. Music wins. SUDDEN DEATH OF STARS & BED RUGS

Ample Play Records was set up in 2009 by avid record collectors Tjinder Singh and Ben Ayres from the legendary UK band Cornershop.  Over the last three years, they started working with other bands & labels such as Burger Records and Trouble in Mind.  Ample Play has been propelled by enthusiastic word of mouth from record buyers & and music lovers of discerning taste.

This series of shows celebrates the label & its roster.

Sudden Death of Stars

28/02/2014 Shipping Forecast Liverpool with Lucid Dream

04/03/2014 Band on the Wall, Manchester with The Hypnotic Eye

Sudden Death of Stars & Bed Rugs double A bill

06/03/2014 Old Blue Last, London with Ben Ayres DJ

07/03/2014 Doghouse, Halifax with Ben Ayres DJ

08/03/2014 The Ferret, Preston

13/03/2014 Beursschouwburg, Brussels with Ben Ayres DJ

14/03/2014 Espace B, Paris

15/03/2014 1988 Live Club, Rennes


From medieval city Rennes, Sudden Death of Stars sound like monks playing The Velvet Underground. Formed in 2010, they were complete as a band when they found the only sitarist west of Paris. Appearing at Liverpool Psych Fest next September.

James Endeacott A&R guru says: “garage, Nuggets, mushroom tea and a head full of dreams – heaven.”

New album ‘All Unrevealed Parts of the Unknown’ out 10th March.


Taking their name from the Big Lebowski, Bed Rugs Antwerp are the children of McCartney and Cobain, with a great epic psych sound, filed in the same catalogue as Tame Impala, Deerhunter, or Jagwar Mar. debut full length album ‘8th Cloud’ out 31 March. They’ve played with Sebadoh, Jacco Gardner and many others.


Ample 3 LPs release

>> Fast Forward >> we’re pleased to announce the release of 3 albums in the coming months from new Ample Play collaborators.

  The Smoking Trees I AcetatesI 6 May 2013

The LA duo took part in the Singhles Club with ‘Merry Go Maggie’ and we’re now pleased to release ‘Acetates’, a slab of sunshiny psychedelia & garage.

“The 21 tracks here encompass folk, psych, sitars, backwards guitar solos, hip hop…weird and brilliantly so.” NME

  Bed Rugs IRapids I 13 May 2013

4 young Belgians filed in the same catalogue as Tame Impala, Deerhunter, The Paperhead and The Sufis. Six tracks mixed by Paul Butler (from The Bees, producer for Devendra Banhart & Michael Kiwanuka), who sums it up: ‘this band are on point, the concept of psychedelia rubbing together with glorious song craft was very appealing for us to work on.’

  The Sudden Death of Stars I Getting Up, Going DownI 10 June 2013

They make us think of Fairport Convention, The Byrds and The Velvet Underground.  A surprise treasure chest of an album from the musicale city of Rennes.



Free Beat Mark track

To ‘mark’ the forthcoming album release we’ll give you ‘Breeezing!’ for FREE in exchange for your email address! Read more about Beat Mark.


Matsuki Ayumu

Matsuki Ayumu is a well-known household name from Tokyo Japan, and rightly so,because his unique psychedelia with all array of sounds & instruments, all created by himself, make most bands feel they have too many moving parts.

He started out playing classical piano to packed auditoriums from the age of 10, but all this changed when he got his first Fostex 4 track cassette tape MTR. Within his noisy pop you might hear orchestra accompaniments, cockerels and alarm clocks, endearing melodies, a pop that Western ears will recognize but with a Japanese lilt that is both melodic & instantly catchy.

After a few years going down the major label route, he is now self-releasing through his website and Ample Play Records. Double album ‘One Billion Year Record’ came out in early 2012 , with 28 tracks. It’s a lot to take in, an album which travels well through European cities, & we can attest to that, but also keeps your household so upbeat you’ll be doing the Michael Jackson.

Buy ‘One Billion Year Record’ double album here

Buy ‘The Blues of the Solar System’ single here

The new album ‘Terraforming (Alternative)’ comes out on 3rd February 2014. Campfires, rockets, joy, sound effects, get in.

“Japanese Gruff Rhys, Gorky’s perfect indie pop with a Japanese slant, so many elements you will recognise yet very unique.” Rocksucker

‘Cold Kills you’ is the first single.