Ample Play

Izzy Lindqwister

Izzy Lindqwister is a singer and songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden, now based in Paris, known for her strong soul power voice and her strong image. Tjinder saw her in his local record shop and has been working with her ever since.

She started singing in church choirs from a young age, and as a teenager she discovered blues, soul & rock’n’roll through Stevie Klasson, Johnny Thunders’ guitarist, of whom she says “He would sometimes invite me to guest at one of his shows in small Stockholm jazz venues. Being too young to get into those sort of places I had to wait in the car and sneak in via the sidedoor just to sing a song or two.”

Some years later she moved to Paris, and played with various bands and lately has started her own solo project whilst collaborating with acts such as Cornershop, Mustang, SSG and Towerbrown. Live her deep, soulful and powerful vox is knock-out, and very unique.

On 30th July, Ample Play Records will release Izzy Lindqwister’s debut Double A Sided Single which includes:

‘1 Million Keys’ the mood of a Swiss mountain vacation gave her this lighter execution – watch here:

‘Fool To Fool’ a wide spaced spaghetti western of a showdown.